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Hey guys. Sorry I don’t post on Otakutakesover anyomre 😦 i now post at

🙂 see you guys there!!


Sorry. Let’s start all over again


Hi guyss. Sorry I deleted all my pictures for most of my posts and its pretty much useless to read if no pictures. So I’ll just start over agaian >.< some posts will still remain though. 🙂 thanks for reading my blog!

A Christmas Story

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Hai guys!

Merry Christmas!

Did you guys get everything you want?

Well, I didn’t win Saber Lily DD. 😦


I got a sewing machine and I’m gonna be making some bags/stuffed animals/ t-shirts (maybe) so I can sell them and get money for my Dollfie fund.

I also got some socks (from my mom lol) & a $25 Visa Gift card.

I hope my aunts (who live near Little Tokyo, Los Angeles) will get me something anime-related bacause there was NO anime figures/manga/ anime for me under the tree.

I asked a DD from Santa (lol) but he gave me the sewing machine.

SANTA HAS FAILED ME TWICE!!! (I’m sorry Santa)

The first time was when it was about 3-4 years ago and he gave me a grammar workbook.


Sometimes I believe its just my parents that get me these stuff.

OK, just ONE more story:

I didn’t tell me folks’ that I wanted a DD this year (no way Jose are they gonna get me a $900-$1,000 DD, let alone a Nendoroid.)

But 2 years ago I asked for Nintendo DS.

I cried that Santa wouldn’t visit me (Don’t make fun please!)

I guess my parents felt bad and got me one.

Ahahaha, but I believed that Santa gave me it!!

This year, I wrote a thank-you letter to Santa (with a $5 bill, lol)

I thought he’d get me a Saber DD,  but no …

a sewing machine!!!

You must work hard for what you want

                              Nothing is a freebie

Thats my quote,

I get it now, Santa wants me to work hard

and so I WILL.


I’m kinda happy I got a sewing machine.

But it would be so NICE if I had a DD so I can make her clothes >_<

My birthday is in a month (Jan. 25), I hope I can raise enough money by then.

P.S. please watch out for future posts in which I will be selling some stuff for my DD Fund 🙂

Thanks for reading!








The Most Amazing Dollfies I Have EVER Seen!


I want a Dollfie Dream; I always lurk around Figure.Fm looking at other people’s DDs.  I must say these 2 pictures show the MOST beautiful DDs I have seen so far (in my life) *^o^* ( BTW, these photos are courtesy of Yui from Figure.Fm. )

(L-R) Saber Lily, Saber, Saber Alter